How our corporate marquee events make your business prosper

Consider, for a moment, how our marquee events can help you build the prosperity of your business in five different ways:

  • A marquee event increases your sales to customers, directly or by supporting your distributors, wholesalers or retailers
  • It motivates, informs and trains your employees
  • It can celebrate a company anniversary, a special event or winning an important order
  • It increases your visibility wherever your prospective customers gather and meet; at conferences, exhibitions and sporting events
  • A marquee is the perfect venue for holding your Annual General Meeting┬á

Combined events achieve far more

Marquee events are a perfect way to achieve several corporate objectives at one time, for example:

Day one: Run a staff presentation in the morning, followed by sales conference and evening staff dinner.

Day two: Invite customers to a presentation and exhibition. Alternatively, hold your Annual General Meeting.

Our marquee events are completely flexible. You can hold them on or close to your
own premises: so your company can keep working.

Increase sales to your customers


Barclays Bank marquee

Often conventional forms of selling and advertising are not enough to attract customers to buy. Sometimes you need to put your customers “in the drivers seat” and let them explore and use your products or services first hand.

So why not host an open customer day and wine and dine your prospects in your own elegant hospitality marquee?

Give an impressive audio visual presentation and introduce your latest models. Then let your customers examine and try out your full product range in the comfort of a display marquee and covered outside areas.

Where does all this happen?

You can run your customer days on your own premises; on open grassed areas; in your car park; even inside a warehouse.

Alternatively, choose a prestigious country house setting, link in to a sporting event, national conference or exhibition.

The special nature of a marquee event attracts customers from far and wide – and creates an excellent impression.

Marquee events for professional organisations

Open Days

Professional organisations always need an effective wav to introduce their new and existing services to potential clients. From time to time every business needs to reinforce existing client relationships. Our marquee hospitality events help you to achieve both perfectly.

Your marquee event can be an evening presentation with a delicious champagne buffet or a hospitality day at a cricket or rugby match. It may even last several days, linked to a conference or exhibition. Alternatively, you can hold your event close by in a prestigious location.

Whatever type of marquee event you choose, one thing is certain. Your customers’ time and attention are exclusively yours, to introduce your services; to reinforce an established relationship, or to reward a long association.

Complete control over your event

Our marquee events give you complete control over what you plan and how you carry it out. The choice is entirely yours; to display new plant or equipment, demonstrate machinery, introduce a new service, host a conference or magnificently wine and dine potential customers.

Our marquees are completely free standing so you can site them on any grassed area, car park or terrace. Alternatively, use your warehouse or factory floor – you will be surprised how good they can look.

Should the ground be uneven, we build raised floors or platforms, so almost any open site is suitable.

The events you can hold in your marquee:

Corporate Hospitality

Marketing to your customers:

  • A new product or service launch on your premises
  • A roadshow to support your dealers & distributors
  • Corporate hospitality days at a special event/venue, conference or open day

Informing and winning shareholders:

  • Annual General Meeting
  • Introducing a new business venture
  • Acquisitions and mergers

Supporting your distributors, wholesalers or retailers:

  • New product or service launch to their customers
  • Regional sales and marketing conference
  • Dealer/Agent training days

Motivating, training and rewarding your employees:

  • Annual staff conference
  • Field staff training in new products or services
  • Anniversaries
  • Christmas party or summer fete
  • Family fun days

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